We believe that baking, eating and sharing bread should be a ritual to be savoured and enjoyed.

gluten free bread roll close up

The Grass Roots Bakery is a family run business that has developed an award-winning gluten free bread recipe that makes bread that tastes just as good as it should. Our artisan mixes are gluten, dairy, soya and preservative free. Best of all, they are vegan-friendly!

As a family we are allergic to gluten but simply could not live without good bread. We know there are many gluten free breads out there, but we adore eating proper jaw-achingly chewy crusty fluffy bread.

We figured that wheat was just another grain, there are others.

Gluten Free Bread Mix

So we decided to investigate how to make gluten free bread for ourselves.

Five years later and we have perfected the best gluten free bread recipe. We then wanted to make it easy. Another year of trials and we found the bag that meant we could add together all the ingredients you need to make good bread. Simply mix, prove & bake. We believe it is just fantastic bread, gluten free or not.

Our bread is made in a kitchen that is custom made and dedicated to gluten free bread baking.


We are a fully licensed food establishment in compliance with all local and national regulatory requirements for gluten free labelling. As such, our bread has been analysed by an accredited laboratory to ensure there is no gluten contamination or content in any way. This is how we can legally claim ‘Gluten Free’.

We are Coeliac UK Accredited. CUK-M-102

View our product awards here.

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Just wanted to thank you for the great product and superb service. Your rolls are the best I’ve tasted since being diagnosed – 9 years is a long time to wait to have a cheese roll that has the texture & crunch of ‘normal’ bread without having to toast it!
I have to say your bread is amazing, I can’t begin to tell you how I felt when I saw my daughter bite into your bread and see the total pleasure on her face.
The beauty of the bread from The Grassroots Bakery is that it tastes really good! No more hard as rock, half-risen, crumbly, preservative-laden poor excuses for bread, this is the real deal.