Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake hardly needs any introduction except to say that the realisation you can no longer eat it sucks. Gluten free chocolate cake can taste like its glutinous brother but the texture....eeewwww. I cannot bear either; the gummy, rubberized cakes or the powdery set-my-teeth on edge and require a gallon of water to help swallow

Eating Out When You’re Gluten Free

Eating out when you are gluten free is a lot like eating a bag of Revels. You just never know when you are going to get that god-awful coffee cream moment. It could be good, or it could be really, really bad and result in days of pain and irritatingly debilitating symptoms that come with

Gluten Free Bread Recipes Compared

There are many gluten free brands with good gluten free recipes on the market. Genius foods stand out as they have made sliced gluten free bread so readily available and there are now many gluten free flours available in major supermarkets for home-baking. The absolute bible of gluten free recipes in our house is

Setting up Our Gluten Free Bakery

I would never, in a million years have guessed that I would end up starting up a business that offers gluten-free bread mixes and baked rolls fresh to order. I am a scientist not a cook. I studied Chemistry and Microbiology and have worked in Research and Development teams of all sorts of companies -

The Science Of Baking Gluten Free

Gluten is the ingredient in ‘normal’ cooking that gives sponge its bounce and bread dough its elastic texture. It is a marvellous ingredient that actually consists of a mixture of two proteins; glutenin and gliadin. Gliadin is a type of protamine. A prolamine is a protein which plants use to store energy and which dissolves

The Challenge Of Being Gluten Free

At Grassroots we pride ourselves on creating gluten free food that has the same taste, texture and appearance as glutinous food. We feel strongly that just because we suffer from Coeliac Disease, we shouldn’t have to compromise on the joy of eating. It is why we focus on bread. For us, bread is the cornerstone

Stale Gluten Free Bread Recipe Ideas

Making the decision to bake Grassroots Bakery gluten free bread without preservatives has its obvious benefits, but it was not an easy decision, logistically. Bread goes stale. Quite quickly. Remember the days when the fastest vehicles on the roads were the bread vans. That said, the freshness of our gluten free bread is at the