After nearly 2 years of recipe development in our bakery we are thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW 7-Seed Gluten Free Brown Bread Mix! Filled with a delicious mix of 7-seeds that leave you feeling fuller for longer, we think this mix might just be our best bread yet!

Originally created on the kitchen table by our founder Andrea to help feed her two hungry wheat-free teenagers, our 7-seed bread mix makes for a much more nutrient dense and filling gluten free bread – by adding a blend of tasty seeds to our original brown bread mix, this mix is definitely a store cupboard staple.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve spent time in our development kitchen perfecting the exact blend of seeds that give a uniformly distributed spread across the loaf crumb – it was sometimes very dull analysing each test bake but we really love getting the finer details just right with all our products so that you can enjoy gluten free bread at home that tastes just as good as it should.

7-seed gluten free bread mix being made

What seeds are in this mix?

Everyone knows seeds are really good for you and they also taste great too, that’s why you’ll get 7 in our new mix!

  • Golden Linseed (also known as Golden Flaxseed – but not ground, whole) – they help add an earthy nutty flavour and will help develop a soft crumb when you make the bread mix Vegan/egg-free.
  • Sesame Seeds – these prevent our bread being too soft and doughy and add density to the bread crumb.
  • Brown Linseed (also known as Brown Flaxseed, but not ground) – they add a slight difference in flavour and nutritional composition to the golden linseed which balances the earthy nutty flavour in this mix.
  • Raw Buckwheat – adds a nutritious chewiness to the bread crumb.
  • Hulled Millet – has a mild slightly sweet flavour that counters the stronger earthier flavour of the linseed.
  • Sunflower Seeds – packed with healthy oils, these seeds add a lovely crunch to the baked bread.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – help give this mix a nutty bite and also add to the texture of the baked bread.

Our NEW mix is available in 2 bag sizes – 300g Small & 600g Large

You might be thinking why are the pack sizes slightly bigger than our normal bread mix bags? Well, there is a very good reason! It would have been very easy (and cost-effective) for us to substitute the flaxseed flour that we already use in our brown bread mix with our NEW 7-seed blend. However, as we wanted to create a more nutrient dense loaf, we actually maintained the flaxseed flour in the base bread flour blend, this ensures that the mix ‘works’ and tastes just as good when baking Vegan. In short, we simply added the 7-seed blend on top of the base flour mix which resulted in this mix requiring larger bag sizes. That said, our two pack sizes still bake the same amount of bread as our original mixes (small makes 6 rolls or 1 loaf and large makes 12 rolls or 2 loaves).

Buying in bulk or need to feed the whole family? Enjoy 10% OFF all multiple pack orders (discount applied automatically to our 3 and 6 bag options).

7-seed gluten free bread mix small 300g
7-seed gluten free bread mix large 600g

Expert baking tips

  • When you add this mix into your mixing bowl, make sure you whisk for a good 5 minutes. The more energy you put in, the better the ingredients will be distributed and better crumb you will create during baking!
  • Since our bread does not have any gluten, it does not form a dough. Instead a batter is formed, however just like a normal dough, our bread batter needs time to rest and relax. Once you have formed your batter, cover the bowl and leave it to prove for 40 minutes – this is very important to creating delicious gluten free bread.
  • If you want your 7-seed bread to look pretty, after you have proved it, knocked it back and placed it in a loaf tin, use a wet spatula to smooth the top – this makes for a perfect looking loaf that you’ll be proud of!
  • When baking – don’t under bake. We know the bread will look brown after 20 mins but leave it in the oven for the full time. We use the smallest quantity of xanthan gum that we can possibly get away with (much less than 5%). The consequence of this, is that you do not get a dough when you mix and that the bake times becomes much more critical.
  • If you bake rolls with this mix, there is more surface area of ‘crust’ so actually, your bake times can be a little more lenient and it will not be quite as critical if you bake for 45mins or 50 min – depending on how crusty you like your bread. When you make a loaf – it is a different story. The crust has a lot of work to do. The bread must be baked for at least 60min exactly or indeed 5 minutes longer if you like it extra crusty. The reason for this is that gluten free flours soften with heat – leave your rolls or loaves to cool completely before eating – this is when your bread will develop that gorgeous, soft and fluffy crumb that you would expect in any good bread.
7-seed gluten free bread rolls & loaf
7-seed GF blend 2 pack sizes

What accreditations has this mix received?

Our NEW 7-seed gluten-free bread mix is Coeliac UK approved, Soil Association Organic & Vegan Society approved. It will be an award-winner one day too, just you wait!

Serving suggestion

When completely cool, we love serving our 7-seed baked loaf as thick buttered wedges of bread with slices of fresh tomato sprinkled with a little salt. (Andrea reckons it’s only a northern speciality but it’s too tasty not to try in the south!)

How does the mix differ when using only water? (Vegan)

The only difference when baking Vegan will be that your baked bread will not keep for as long. The egg simply adds a day shelf-life once baked. By making the mix without (Vegan) you will get the same taste and texture but it won’t taste as good the day after. But, as with all our mixes, this 7-seed mix freezes exceptionally well. So, that’s that sorted when you just can’t eat 6 or 12 rolls all in one day!

7 seed bread covered in tomatoes

🍞 Happy baking!

We’d love to hear from our customers about what they think about our NEW 7-seed gluten free brown bread mix. Drop us an email at or tag us in your bakes on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.