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Gluten Free White & Brown Bread Mix Small Organic Gift Box


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  • Beautifully wrapped & boxed – makes a lovely gluten free gift
  • Gift box contains 2 x 280g Small white or brown bread mixes
  • Mixes are suitable for Vegans
  • Multi AWARD-WINNING bread mixes
  • 100% free from gluten, wheat, dairy, and preservatives
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Certified gluten free by Coeliac UK
  • FREE UK DELIVERY on this gift box


The perfect introduction

Here at Grass Roots Bakery, we’re passionate about bread. It is our best-selling mixture, and the reason that we set out on a mission to change the world of gluten free baking. This white & brown bread small gift box is the ideal way to try a small batch of our 2 staple products – it also makes the perfect gluten free gift for a friend or family member who may suffer from Coeliac Disease or have a wheat intolerance. Our small bread mixes make 1 loaf, or 6 rolls. So with our small bread gift box, you can make 6 brown rolls and 1 white loaf. Or the other way round, but we know you’ll love it either way!

Receive FREE UK DELIVERY when you buy this gift box (save £1.99).

What’s included in the gift box?

2 x 280g gluten free bread mixes – either in all white, or brown or as a mixture.

White bread is an absolute staple. Before we created this beautiful white bread mix, a proper ploughman’s lunch or a hearty sandwich just wasn’t the same on bog-standard gluten free bread. Our organic, wheat free white bread is scrumptious and soft, just the way it should be. The same goes for our brown bread. With Grass Roots Bakery’s brown bread, dipping a crusty, wholemeal roll into a tasty winter soup is nothing short of exceptional. Say hello to all those delightful things you thought that coeliacs, or people with gluten or wheat intolerances, couldn’t enjoy. Think toast and jam, cheese toasties, lunchtime rolls, avocado on toast… we could go on, but you probably get the idea.

Are the bread mixes easy to make?

They couldn’t be easier! Just add water, oil, and an egg (or an extra splash of water if you’re baking Vegan; it comes out perfect both ways!) to the dry mixture, combine, prove, and bake. It is exactly the same for the white and brown bread. If you’re making rolls, just spoon out 6 equal rounds onto a lined baking tray. For a loaf, just bake in a standard 2lb loaf tin. It really is as easy as that. The hardest part is letting the bread cool completely – this step is really important as gluten free bread forms its crust as it cools.

Looking for a luxury gluten free gift box? Take a look at our bread gift box with olive oil.

This gift box is suitable for Vegans – simple omit the egg for an extra 30ml of water when baking.



How to bake our White Gluten Free Bread Mix

How to bake our Brown Gluten Free Bread Mix

White Gluten Free Bread Mix

Typical values per 100g

Energy (kj) 1315
Energy (kCal) 255
Fat (g) 3.0
of which saturates 0.0
Carbohydrates 58.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 1.0
Protein (g) 3.0
Salt (g) 1.8

Ingredients: potato flour, tapioca flour, quinoa flour, sugar, yeast*, fine sea salt*, xanthan gum*

*denotes permitted non-organic ingredients.



Brown Gluten Free Bread Mix

Typical values per 100g

Energy (kj) 1460
Energy (kCal) 350
Fat (g) 5.7
of which saturates 1.0
Carbohydrates 59.8
of which sugars (g) 3.0
Fibre (g) 4.0
Protein (g) 14.2
Salt (g) 1.8

Ingredients: organic potato flour, organic tapioca flour, organic flaxseed flour, sugar, yeast*, fine sea salt*, xanthan gum*

*denotes permitted non-organic ingredients.


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