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I love your bread!

I am Coeliac with a severe Sulphite Allergy so food is a nightmare and having tried every single GF bread available, both ready made and DIY, I now only buy and eat yours – its far superior in quality and taste to anything else on the market, I have been regularly ordering your white loaf mix for over a year now! I have just made 2 loaves this morning! Will you ever be selling a GF flour? I currently use Doves GF flour and add Xanthum Gum but its not fantastic and for things like thickening gravy and making shortbread its disgusting!! Please keep trading and I look forward to seeing your new products throughout the year!

Camilla, Coeliac Sufferer

Easy to follow instructions

I hope you are well. Your bread mixes are receiving some great feedback from the customers that have tried them and one lady said it’s the best shes ever had. They love the easy to follow instructions and the result speaks for themselves. Thank you for all of the information that you have sent through and I forgot to congratulate you on your awards too…..well done indeed as I know these things are super tough.

Sam, The Village Deli

It tastes like real bread!

I just wanted to say thank you. I baked your brown bread mix today and it came out so well! I bought supermarket GF bread only once, against my better judgment (I have a huge passion for food and I’m a clinical nutrition specialist). Never again! And then I’ve decided to give your mix a go. THE TEXTURE!! THE CRUMB! THE FLAVOUR!!! (albeit, I added more salt) IT TASTES LIKE BREAD!!! Thank you. Keep making deliciousness. I’m a huge, eternally grateful fan.

Kat Summer, Gluten Free Baker

Finding your site has been brilliant

I was horrified by the amount of ingredients that are in shop bought gluten free bread and it doesn’t taste nice and most contain ingredients not suitable for the fodmap diet. Finding your site has been brilliant as the ingredients in your mixes are ok for low fodmap. Your rolls are easy to cook and they taste very nice. Unfortunately for me my husband as well as the dog likes them so I will have to re-order soon. I took two of them to a friend who has gluten and wheat free issues and she loved them as well. I am going to tell my dietician when I see her. My cooker is now kaput and I am living without your bread and missing it. I was just about to try the pizza mix when it broke down. Luckily I hadn’t started the mix. I have ordered another cooker and the first thing that will be cooked in it are your rolls. Followed by pizza. A biscuit mix and Yorkshire pud mix would be great. Don’t want to be greedy though!

Carol, FODMAP Diet

I’m so happy with your bread and pizza base mix that I want to buy some for a friend

Leslee, Gluten Free Baker

Your bread is very good, best in the market I believe, and I have tried a few!

Lenia, Gluten Free Baker

I have been very impressed with your mix. The rolls have a good crust, as you say they freeze well and thaw well

Brian, Gluten Free Baker

Thank you, we loved our delivery today and thrilled to discover your delicious bread with good instructions!

Iona Campbell, Gluten Free Baker

I would just like to say your bread mixes are the best I have tasted and so easy to make.

Mike Johnson, Gluten Free Baker

Heavenly! Your bread helps me to not miss wheat.

Stacey, FodMap Baker

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