Ordering gluten free bread online can be a huge leap of faith. I follow a Coeliac diet but am also dairy free and preservative free (I am horribly allergic to most preservatives used in food). I really understand the hurdles faced when buying on-line and from a new brand. Is it safe? Are there precautions in place to make sure gluten contamination does not occur? How much is it? Is there a minimum order? Is it easy to buy?

So, to reassure all of you suffering from Coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance or sensitivity, (and to those of you wondering where to buy gluten free bread online in the UK) The Grassroots Bakery is a dedicated gluten free bakery. We have developed a very special gluten free bread recipe. That is all that we bake there. No gluten enters our bakery. Ever. We also send regular samples to RSSL who are an accredited laboratory that ensure gluten absence using ELISA testing. Our gluten free bread is dairy free and preservative free too and the good news is you can buy gluten free bread online direct from us here in the UK.

The gluten free bread flour that we use at The Grassroots Bakery are all organic. Being honest, this is mostly as a result of my own food allergies, though I also believe it tastes better.

Now then, the sticky topic of price. Yes, our gluten free bread is more expensive than regular glutinous bread. It is actually quite similar in price to other gluten free breads you would buy in the supermarkets. It just feels so much more expensive when you buy on-line because it makes sense to bulk buy. It isn’t often that £30 of a weekly supermarket shop is spent on bread is it? But, when you have a family eating gluten free, our approach to sourcing food changes. I personally resent buying gluten free foods from supermarkets that are a lot more expensive than non gluten free foods only to feel as though you have been made to compromise when you eat them. Hey, it’s gluten free, you should be grateful, right?

The Grassroots Bakery gluten free bread is spectacular. It tastes just like bread should. There is no compromise on taste or texture and that is because we use ingredients that are expensive (good quality and low volume), we hand-bake in small batches and it just takes time to bake.

We don’t add preservatives to our bread. So we pack and courier our freshly baked gluten free bread, the minute it is cool to get it to you as fresh as is possible. When it arrives…..Freeze It. The Grassroots Bakery gluten free bread freezes really, really well. I tend to pull a pack of bread rolls out of the freezer the night before, ready to devour for breakfast and to make delicious sandwiches for packed lunches. You don’t have to toast our bread to enjoy it (though you can if you wish).

There is no minimum order (well, I suppose one pack) and ordering is easy. Simply click on buy our bread buttons, select the gluten free bread you want and how many and pay via credit card, debit card or paypal. If you want to, you can ring us or email us and we can process the order for you. We use a specialist next day courier who will leave your order in a safe place if you are not home. We bake Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so you can expect deliveries on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. If you need it urgently – ring us!

But what if you run out? where can you buy gluten free bread flour? We are just launching our Grassroots Bakery gluten free bread mix. Perfect to have in the store cupboard! We have simply bagged up our special recipe and omitted the egg, oil and water so that you can have delicious gluten free bread whenever you want. It can also be suitable for Vegans by adding water rather than egg. It may go stale a little quicker.

So when you really crave jaw-achingly tear-able gluten free bread that is soft and fluffy inside, ask yourself……where can you buy gluten free bread? The Grassroots Bakery. We bake fresh to order and it tastes fabulous. Just because you follow a gluten free diet, why compromise?