If you can’t eat gluten the chances are one of the things you miss the most is bread. Using our gluten free bread mix it is really easy to bake gluten free bread at home whenever you need it. Here are some simple instructions….

1.0 ingredients

Step 1

Buy gluten free bread mix and assemble ingredients (These instructions apply to our Large, 560g mixes)


Step 2

Add bread mix into a large mixing bowl and add 500ml of tepid water along with 2 eggs and 2 dessert spoons of oil. (For Vegan bread, simply omit egg and add extra 60ml of water instead)

whisk bread mix

Step 3

Use an electric whisk, slowly combine and then increase the speed until the bread mixture is a smooth thick batter

step 4 prove gluten free bread mix

Step 4

Cover the bowl and leave to prove for 40 minutes until double the size

spoon bread mix on to baking tray

Step 5

Gently stir the bread mixture until it drops by a third, then spoon out into 10 equal rounds onto a baking sheet

bake gluten free bread mix

Step 6

Bake for between 50 and 60 minutes and take your amazing gluten free bread rolls out of the oven